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  1. Wines

    Second wines of Bordeaux

    Who wouldn't want to taste the superlative, world-famous wines of the great Bord…

  2. Food Pairing

    Wine Pairing: Riesling Kabinett x Okonomiyaki

    Okonomiyaki – the Japanese social food par excellence: friends gathered around t…

  3. Food Pairing

    Wine Pairing: Vinho Verde x Grilled sardines

    Summer. Sea. Sardines. BBQ. Crisp white wine. All things we like very much indee…

  4. Wines

    Bordeaux – it’s not just about the red!

    For many, Bordeaux is rightly synonymous with red wine; the region is the spirit…

  5. Food Pairing

    Wine Pairing: Fiano di Avellino x Japanese Udon Sa…

    Summer is fast approaching, and a noodle salad is just the ticket at the end of …

  6. Food Pairing

    Wine Pairing: Northern Rhone Syrah x Game meat

    Game birds, what's not to like? They're rich in flavour, naturally free range, l…

  7. Wine Basics

    France: the Appellation Nation

    French wine labels – and the appellation system in particular - can be a bit of …

  8. Wine Basics

    Fish and Red Wine…Really?

    Yes, absolutely. Well, sort of.The old adage that white wine must accompany …

  9. Wine Basics

    Basic Pairing Tips (Part 2)

    A second approach to matching food and wine is thinking about whether to contras…

  10. Wines

    Crémant – watch out Champagne!

    Move over Champagne – there's a new, more affordable game in town. France has a …

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  1. Food Pairing

    Wine Pairing: Champagne x Chocolate
  2. Food Pairing

    Wine Pairing: Negroamaro x Moussaka
  3. Food Pairing

    Wine Pairing: Viognier x Chicken tagine
  4. Food Pairing

    Wine Pairing: Pflaz Riesling x Soßklopse…
  5. Food Pairing

    Wine Pairing: Jumilla Monastrell x Xinji…