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Wine Pairing: Man O’War Graveston x Miso/Natto

We’ve done it! We’ve finally found a wine that can stand up to the power of miso and even natto. It’s rather specific, but definitely worth hunting down.


It’s a New Zealand Sauvignon/Semillon blend from Waiheke Island in the far north of the country. And it’s stunning. Not only does it stand up to these powerful, hard-to-match Japanese flavours, it also flourishes! It tastes utterly delicious and we strongly recommend you get a bottle and give it a go.

Today’s Wine Pairing: Man O’War Graveston x Miso/Natto

We certainly set a challenge for this wine: nasu dengaku, and tofu topped with natto. And the Gravestone exceeded our expectations.


Why? Because of the quite unique characteristics of the Waiheke terroir and the unusual wine-making technique employed. Firstly, Waiheke is one of the warmest climates for viticulture in New Zealand and has proven itself a great place for Syrah and Bordeaux red varieties, alongside Chardonnay. The wines are rich, bold with powerful minerality from the ancient soils on the island.

So, the Sauvignon and Semillon in the Gravestone has a natural power and fullness, enhanced by barrel fermentation and aging. But it’s the slightly reductive note of sulphur and wet wool that brings buckets of umami savouriness to the table and makes it such a good match for the umami-rich miso and natto.


We chilled the wine a little more than usual and then decanted for ten minutes to make sure those sulphides notes were nicely balanced by the fruit. And, my god! What a wine!

*Our post about decanting:

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